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User responsibilities

As a User, your responsibilities include timely reporting of all business related expenses and monitoring the status of your expense reports to make sure they are moving through the workflow process. If you have assigned a Delegate to enter your expense reports, you are also responsible for reviewing the accuracy of the report before submitting your report. Only you are allowed to submit your expense report - your Delegate can not submit the expense report for you.

Steps to get started as a user

    Step 1 - Get authorization

  • Ask who your GEMS divisional/departmental Representative is in case you run into any issues.
  • Talk to your division/department leadership to determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for a GEMS Credit Card. If not, skip to step 3 below.
  • Talk to your division/department leadership about the card features you will need and your credit limit(s).
  • Step 2 - Apply for your GEMS Credit Card

  • Login to GEMS and complete the credit card application. Click here for a visual demo to assist you.
  • You will receive email notifications on the status of your application. You can always return to the application and view your Status History.
  • Your GEMS Credit Card will be delivered to CPS (Central Procurement Services) and then distributed to your GEMS divisional/departmental Representative who will deliver it to you.
  • Once you receive and activate your GEMS Credit Card, you will need to turn in any existing University credit cards to your divisional/departmental Representative.
  • Step 3 - Signup for training

  • Additional information about available types of training and how to sign up for them can be found on our Training page.
  • Step 4 - Monitor email notifications

  • Make sure your email is forwarded to your cnet@uchicago.edu email address.

    Important note: If your email contains extra qualifier(s) (e.g. cnet@gsb.uchicago.edu or cnet@surgery.uchicago.edu) then you must forward your basic cnet@uchicago.edu email address here.
  • Once you begin using the expense management system and/or the GEMS card application, you will receive email notifications with status updates. Please pay careful attention to these updates in case there is a report or an application that is awaiting your attention.
  • You may need to configure your email so that system generated emails do not get picked up in your spam filters. Contact 4-tech if you need help with this.
  • Step 5 - Create an expense report

  • Login to the GEMS Expense Management System to create an expense report.
  • You can assign a delegate to enter expense reports on your behalf after you login to the GEMS Expense Management System.