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Expense approver responsibilities

As an Expense approver, your responsibilities include timely reviews of all expense reports that are sent to your queue. For each report you must review each line item and check for adherence to all University policies. You must ensure that all non-reimbursable personal expenses are marked as such. If you find any problems/questions/open issues with an expense report, you are responsible for sending the report back to the user in a timely fashion. Please provide descriptive comments that will enable the user to fix the report before resubmitting.

There may be instances where you will want additional approval on an expense report. If an expense report has charges allocated to another division or department, or you feel that someone else should be made aware of an expense report, you can add an additional approver as a courtesy.

Steps to get started as expense approvers

    Step 1 - Get familiar with the program

  • If you were not involved in preliminary preparations, contact your division/department leadership.
  • Discuss division or department naming standards; ask if any division or department policy/procedures are changing.
  • Verify the User list you'll be responsible for approving.
  • Ask your leadership who your GEMS divisional or departmental Representative is. This resource will be your point person if any questions/issues arise.
  • Step 2 - Signup for training

  • Additional information about the types of training and how to sign up for them can be found on our Training page.

    Important note: If your email contains extra qualifier(s) (e.g. cnet@gsb.uchicago.edu or cnet@surgery.uchicago.edu) then you must forward your basic cnet@uchicago.edu email address here.
  • Step 3 - Approve expense reports

  • Login to GEMS Expense Management System and review pending expense reports in your My Work section