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divisional/departmental representative responsibilities

As a division/department representative, you are responsible for maintaining familiarity with the information on this website. You will be in charge of fielding users to the proper resources when questions/issues arise. You will also liaise with CPS (Central Procurement Services) when credit cards arrive and distribute them to the proper users. You will most likely play a role in deployment preparations. This will involve the completion of the GEMS Employee Setup spreadsheet which will list all User and Approver information.

Steps to get started as divisional or departmental Representative

    Step 1 - Contact the GEMS team

  • Notify the GEMS Project Team via gemssupport@uchicago.edu to set up a meeting to discuss roll out preparations (if this has not happened yet).
  • Step 2 - Become familiar with GEMS resources

  • Study the content and resources listed in this website.
  • Complete the Department Roll-out list with the names of the people in your division/department and their approvers. This will be distributed during your roll out meeting.
  • Send your spreadsheet to gemssupport@uchicago.edu so that the spreadsheet can be further processed and users can be added to the system.
  • Step 3 - Coordinate with others

  • Coordinate a meeting with the approvers to discuss next steps.
  • CPS (Central Procurement Services) will contact you when credit cards are delivered. You will need to pick up these cards from CPS and distribute them to your division/department.
  • Collect existing credit card from GEMS card recipients before turning over new GEMS cards.
  • Field questions that are specific to the division/department as they arise. If you run into questions that you are unable to answer, contact GEMS support.
  • Serve as an advocate for GEMS project.
  • Step 4 - GEMS Go Live activities

    When the GEMS project team gives you the green light:

  • Encourage divisional/departmental management to engage in some form of training. Ask them to promote options to their staff as well.
  • Monitor divisional/departmental activity. Communicate any suggestions to GEMS support.
  • Step 5 - Maintain Employees

    After your division or department has gone live you will help ensure that an accurate and complete list of active users is maintained in the GEMS system.

  • When a new employee joins your division/department, you will need to fill out a row in the Employee Setup Spreadsheet to activate him or her as a new user. This data should be sent to GEMS support.
  • Inform GEMS support when an employees data changes (i.e. change in accounting information).
  • Ensure that when an employee leaves the division/department, his or her manager collects any original required receipts that have been incurred over the last year.
  • Collect GEMS cards from users when they leave the division/department.
  • Contact GEMS support when an employee leaves the division/department.
  • If an employee has a credit card, fill out GEMS Cardholder Maintenance Form to cancel the credit card when an employee leaves the division/department. If you need to cancel your credit card immediately or for any credit card related questions, contact GEMS Card.