What is the GEMS Program?

The GEMS program is the University’s new expense management system that will streamline the way that University employees are reimbursed for their business expenses. This web-based expense management program is designed to work hand-in-hand with the optional University GEMS credit card. When the GEMS program is released to your division or department, it will replace the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV), Direct Payment Voucher (DPV) use for reimbursements, and any existing credit card programs sponsored by the University. With this new tool at your service, expense reporting on out-of-pocket and/or credit card expenses has never been easier.

GESS Maintenance

When a new employee joins your department, you will need to fill out a row in the BSD Employee Setup Spreadsheet to activate him or her as a new user. This data should be sent to

GEMS Card Maintenance

If an employee in your area needs to make a change to their GEMS Card, for example spending limits, card features, billing address, or default FAS, please complete the BSD GEMS Card Maintenance form. This form should also be used for card cancellation requests. The form can be emailed to or faxed to 773-702-4162.

BSD Department Representatives