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Additional Approval

An approver or a processor can forward an expense report along to one or multiple other users for additional approval. This is recommended in situations where an expense has been allocated, or, will impact (an) expense account(s) from other departments or divisions.

A report will not get processed until the additional approver has clicked on the Approve link.

If you send an additional approval, be sure to send the secondary approver(s) a follow up email with any special approval instructions.

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Allocation allows users, approvers and/or processors to change accounting information for one or many line item expenses in an expense report.

Every user has a default account number and may have a default sub-account override assignment. If an expense needs to be re-assigned to or, divided between other account numbers and/or sub-account override numbers, the allocation feature will enable this action.

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Approver (GEMS Credit Card Application)

All submitted GEMS Credit Card applications are sent to a pre-assigned set of approvers before an application is processed for card issuance. Approvers review the billing information, credit card feature, credit limits specified on an application and accuracy of the applicant’s name, title, address, contact information and department. Approvers are also responsible for ensuring that all billing information is accurate and that credit card feature and limits are appropriate.

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Approver (Expense Management System)

All submitted expense reports are routed to an approver before they are sent on for payment processing. Approvers review the contents of each report and are responsible for ensuring that every line item on each expense report is accurate and appropriate.

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Approval Process

A workflow established by the Comptroller's office that determines where expense reports are routed for approval after being submitted. Expense reports are automatically routed online from a user to the next step in the approval process.

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ATM Feature

This option is for travelers that require frequent out-of-pocket cash expenditures that cannot be paid for with a credit card. Note that the ATM limit is $50 per day with a maximum $500 per monthly billing cycle.

This feature is being permitted sparingly. Please consult with your division/department leadership before selecting the ATM feature for your card.

This card feature should never be selected on a procurement feature.

Also see Card Feature.

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Audit Trail

This screen displays select modifications taken on an expense report and tracks the history of an expense report's workflow. Some examples of information that you might find in the Audit Trail include:

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This menu consists of a series of links represent navigation path through GEMS Expense Management System.

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Business Meal

A work-related meal with attendees. The meal is purchased by a university employee and the participating attendees’ must be there for work related purposes, otherwise, their portion of the meal will not be reimbursed by the University. Attendees may be:

If an expense is identified as a Business Meal, the nature of the business and number of attendees must be included in the line item details. If 11 or more attendees are included in a business meal, the group can be identified with a descriptive name (i.e. NSIT managers meeting to discuss the GEMS deployment).

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Card Feature

A GEMS "Card Feature" will dictate the types of purchases that will be permitted on a specific GEMS card. A Card Feature will be selected by a user and then approved when he or she send an application through the approval process.

While approved GEMS applicants will receive 1 physical card, each card may have several card features.

Read the descriptions of each feature to determine which feature is best for you.

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Cash Advances

This feature is mentioned in several settings in the GEMS Expense Management System, however, the functionality is not enabled. If you are in need of a cash advance for travel, please contact your division/department leadership.

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Company Card Administrator

A GEMS resource that completes assignment and management of company charge card information.

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Company Links

An area on Concur Central, your expense management home page, which contains links to University specific web sites. Browse here to learn more about your FAS account information, University travel and expense policies, etc.

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Company News

An area on Concur Central where you can find information such as University events or announcements. If you have information that needs to be posted here, contact gemssupport@uchicago.edu.

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Concur Central

Concur Central is your expense reporting homepage in the GEMS Expense Management System. Here you can:

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Connected List Helper

Connected lists help you identify and select the most appropriate information for a field. For example, if a field calls for you to select a department number, a connected list helper will appear on the right hand side of the screen. The helper will enable you to search for a department number based on various criteria. Once you have search results, you can select the most appropriate data, and your field will be automatically populated.

Other examples of these helpers include user searches and city searches.

These fields are denoted with a blue triangle .

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A user that has been granted the right to act on behalf of another user in the preparation or approval of expense reports. Delegates can be assigned temporarily (for example, while someone is on vacation) or can be ongoing (such as an administrative assistant who has permanent delegation rights for another user).

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Department Readiness Pack (also called GEMS Department Readiness Pack)

Before a division or department implements GEMS, there will be a meeting with their leadership. In this meeting, a packet of information will be distributed in order to prepare the division/department for the deployment, ease them through the change and then speak to potential post-implementation issues that may arise.

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division/department Representative (also called GEMS division/department Representative)

Each division/department that implements GEMS will designate a division or department Representative. Overall, the representative will be familiar with GEMS policies and procedures and will act as a point of contact when questions arise. For example, this representative will liaise with GEMS support on technical issues and with the HR Administrator if payroll or employee data issues arise.

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Email Reminders (GEMS Credit Card Application)

If you apply for a GEMS Credit Card, you will receive an email notification every time the status of your application changes.

If you are an approver, you will also receive emails when you have applications that are awaiting your review.

Important note: Email will be sent to addresses with the format cnet@uchicago.edu.

If your email contains an extra qualifier(s) (e.g. cnet@gsb.uchicago.edu or cnet@surgery.uchicago.edu) then you must forward your basic cnet@uchicago.edu email address here.

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Email Reminders (GEMS Expense Management System)

Your email notification settings can be configured by clicking on the My Info icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you have a delegate that is assisting you with your expense reporting it is highly recommended that you keep your email notifications turned on.

Options include:

* Please note that the cash advance and travel request modules are not enabled in the University Expense Management System.

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Employee Administrator

A tool for managing employee information. Employee Administrator can be used to update employees’ information, such as user roles, expense preferences, and delegates.

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Exception Flags

These messages, denoted by red or yellow flags, may be triggered when you are working on or approving an expense report.

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Employee Setup Spreadsheet (also called GEMS Employee Setup Spreadsheet)

Prior to deployment, departments and divisions will fill out the spreadsheet tool, found under Resources. This information will allow the GEMS support team to establish user roles and set up workflow relationships between the users in the division or department.

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Expense Types

A list of categories that you will use to classify line items on your expense report. Some examples include airfare, lodging and business meals (with attendees).

Each expense type is tied to a subaccount number (e.g. office suppiles = 55xx).

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Fax Cover Sheet

See U of C Fax Receipt Cover.

Financial Accounting System (FAS)

A University system used to track all accounting activity with regards to funds, ledgers, accounts, budgets, and transactions.

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Flags (Exceptions)

See Exception Flags.

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GEMS Credit Card

The University of Chicago GEMS program corporate card. Users that have this card will be able to make University related purchases without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Check with your division/department leadership to find out if you are eligible for this card.

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GEMS Cardholder Maintenance Form

This form is to be used by GEMS Credit Card Cardholders when information that was originally assigned to their GEMS credit card changes. This form is solely for GEMS Cardholders that have already received their GEMS Card.

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GEMS Card Administrator

The card program administrator, located in Purchasing and Payment Services, is responsible for the overall administration of the GEMS Credit Card Program.

The card administrator:

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GEMS Credit Card Application

A web based application to apply for a GEMS Credit Card. The application is available at https://gems.uchicago.edu/apply for faculty and staff that have been approved to apply. If you apply, your application will go through a pre-configured approval workflow. If it is accepted, you can coordinate with your division or department representative to pick up your new card.

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GEMS Credit Card Approver

See Approver (GEMS Credit Card Application).

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GEMS Credit Card Support

The GEMS Card support function (gemscard@uchicago.edu - 773-702-4360) is intended to assist any University employee who has a question, inquiry, or is experiencing any problem with the GEMS Credit Card.

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GEMS Credit Card Transactions

Purchases that you have paid for with your GEMS card. These purchases are imported into your GEMS expense management account where you will be able to reconcile them on an expense report.

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GEMS Department Readiness Pack

See Department Readiness Pack.

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GEMS division/department Representative

See division/department Representative.

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GEMS Employee Setup Spreadsheet

See Employee Setup Spreadsheet.

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GEMS Expense Management System Approver

See Approver (Expense Management System).

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GEMS Expense Management System

An application which enables users to electronically report University work-related expenses that were purchased out-of-pocket or with the GEMS credit card. The system imports GEMS Card purchases, enforces University policies and automates an approval workflow. When reports are approved, the system enables reimbursement or deduction through a user's payroll check.

This application is available to users who are in departments that have deployed GEMS at https://gems.uchicago.edu/login.

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GEMS Support

GEMS Support is a listhost that is monitored by the GEMS support team. You can send all GEMS related data and technical questions to (gemssupport@uchicago.edu or 773702-5541)-and they will assist you or forward your email on to someone that can.

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GEMS Training

GEMS Training is a listhost that is monitored by the GEMS Training team. You can send all of your training questions and requests to GEMSTraining@uchicago.edu. You can also visit the GEMS Training web site to learn more about GEMS training options that are available to you.

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Global Banner

An area that displays your name and other information when you are working as a delegate or proxy. This banner appears in the upper left corner of the page.

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Global Configuration Administrator

A gemssupport@uchicago.edu resource that has the ability to create and manage the configuration data for all groups in the University's Expense Management System.

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Helper Panes

A helper pane is triggered when you land on a field with a light blue triangle next to it. When you click on one of these fields, an area on the right hand side of the page appears (a helper pane) that provides assistance with entering and editing a field value.

A helper pane may assist you with a calculation or it may contain a connected list.

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How Do I?

A customized area on Concur Central that provides online help. This information was written specifically for the University of Chicago and should be your first stop when questions or issues arise.

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Imported Data

Information that is pulled into the GEMS Expense Management System and/or the GEMS Credit Card Application. For example, employee data is pulled in from HR administrative systems and GEMS credit card data is pulled in from our GEMS card vendor.

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Imputed Income

Imputed income is the term the IRS applies to the value of any benefit or service that should be considered income for the purposes of calculating your federal taxes. Unreconciled GEMS Credit Card transactions may be considered imputed income after 90 days.

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A ledger is a collection of similar accounts such as federal grants and contracts, restricted endowment income, current unrestricted funds, etc. FAS uses a general ledger and nine subsidiary ledgers to track the finances of the University.

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See Connected List Helper.

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Merchant Category Code

Every vendor has a Merchant Category Code(s) assigned that identifies the goods and/or services it provides. In the GEMS Expense Management System, merchant codes are mapped to Expense Types (for example, all car rental merchant codes are mapped to the expense type "Car Rental".) When company card transactions are imported into the system, if they can be mapped to a code, they are automatically labeled with the proper expense type.

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Non-reimbursable expense

An incurred expense that the University will not pay. A non-reimbursable expense may be a part of a larger expense item.

For example: You may be staying in a hotel on University business. While the University is covering the cost of the hotel room, there may be expenses like gym fees or in-room movies that do not fall under the University's policies on reimbursable expenses. In these cases, the additional costs must be marked as "non-reimbursable". The non-reimbursable total on your expense reports will be deducted from your GEMS card reimbursement.

If your personal expenses exceed your reimbursement, the remainder will be deducted from your payroll check.

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Out-of-pocket expense

A reimbursable University related expense that has been paid for with your own personal funds or with a personal credit card.

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Page Completion Links

These links are used to cancel, save, or commit additional data on expense reports. The links appear at the bottom of a page. If you fill data into a form, it will not be saved unless you click a page completion link like "Done", or "Save".

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Payment Types

The method of payment used on the expense. For example: out-of-pocket or GEMS Credit Card.

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A "super-approver" that will view selected reports after they go through the standard review process. Processors will review flagged items to ensure that all expenses comply with University polices and procedures.

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Procurement Card Feature

The Procurement option will be granted to a small number of University employees who conduct frequent procurement activities for their departments/divisions on occasions when purchase orders are not an option.

An application for this card feature will require an additional layer of approval from a Dean Admin. Furthermore, this feature is being permitted sparingly. Please consult with your divisional or departmental leadership before selecting the Procurement feature for your card.

This card feature should never be selected with the ATM card feature.

Also see Card Feature.

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Production System

This system contains the University's tested configuration and is used by employees to access Concur Expense Service. The university will also maintain a test environment.

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Proxy Rights

A feature that allows an individual to log on to user accounts (within a group) to create or submit expense reports. If you are looking for someone to perform a proxy transaction (in the event of illness, an employee leaving the university, etc.) contact your GEMS division or department representative.

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Quick Start Guide

An easy to use process based "How-to manual" for users.

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Readiness Pack

See Department Readiness Pack

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Receipt Requirements

University receipt requirements are maintained on the AdminNet. When you are ready to submit your expense report, you can opt to print a UofC Fax Receipt Cover. It will list all of your required receipts.

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Reimbursable expenses

Necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the performance of approved University business.

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Split Page Layout

A screen layout that displays during the expense entry process. The left side of the page houses expense entry forms. When a field has a blue triangle next to it, the right side of the screen contains a helper pane.

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A set of links that allow you to perform certain actions within a certain function. For example, when you are editing your profile under My Info , there is a submenu with all profile options.

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Test Environment

The University's test environment will be similar to its production environment. The test environment will be used as a staging ground for new releases and configuration changes. The test environment will also hold training users and their corresponding credit card transactions.

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Tool tips

Fields in the GEMS Expense Management System that are denoted with the icon contain extra helper text. When you hover over this symbol, you will learn more information about the field itself and/or a tip on how to use it to make your work more efficient.

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Travel Card Feature

This option is for University employees that are traveling and incurring expenses on airline, rail, bus, car rental, livery, taxi, conference/meeting registration fees, business meals, parking, telecommunications, service stations.

It is also for employees that that are purchasing general day-to-day incidentals (single transactions up to $500 from non-travel vendors are permitted.)

Also see Card Feature.

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Travel Requests

Travel Requests are external to the GEMS program. Please see your division/department leadership to learn more about getting approval on upcoming travel.

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U of C Fax Receipt Cover

A document that can be printed at the end of the expense entry process. This document is to be faxed in with all paperwork required for the given report. It will contain a bar code and a list of required receipts.

The barcode will tie imaged fax contents to the electronic report. The receipt list is to help you prepare all receipts that need to be faxed in with the cover sheet.

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A GEMS user belongs to a division or department that has "gone live" with the GEMS program. (i.e. Upon deployment, users are notified by email that they may begin using the GEMS expense management system to reconcile all out-of-pocket and GEMS card expenses.)

From a more technical perspective, a University employee is considered to be an "official user" when:

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User Welcome Kit

There is a series of informational emails that all new users will receive upon their divisional/departmental deployment. For more information contact gemssupport@uchicago.edu.

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Vendor Lists

A vendor list contains a list of commonly selected vendors for an expense type. For example, if the expense type "Car Rental" is selected, the associated vendor list contains car rental agencies. If a specific vendor is not listed, the user is able to select "Enter Vendor Name" and enter a vendor name in a free form field.

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A workflow defines how an expense report is routed for approval and processing after it is submitted by an employee

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