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Making a Flight Reservation

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Search for Flights

Before you book a flight, make sure you understand the University's flight policies for Premium Airfare and Fly America. See also Airfare Expenses.

To reserve a flight using GEMS Cliqbook Travel, login to GEMS and start at the My Concur page.

  1. In the Trip Search panel, select the Flight tab.
  2. Select one of the following options: Round Trip, One Way, or Multi-Segment.
  3. Enter the Departure City (or airport code) and the Arrival City (or airport code).
  4. Select the dates and approximate times for Departure and Return.
  5. If you need a car, select the checkbox for Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport.
  6. If you need a hotel, select the checkbox for Find a Hotel and select the appropriate options to help Cliqbook search for hotels in the area.
  7. If you want a refundable airfare, select the Refundable Only option. (This will usually result in higher priced fares.)
  8. For Search flights by, select either Price or Schedule.
  9. Click Search.
  10. Cliqbook will ask you to identify the travel type. Select Business Travel.

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Select a Flight

After clicking Search on the Flight tab and identifying the travel type, Cliqbook will display available flights. Scan the list to find the flight you want.

  1. Identify the flight you want, but do not click Reserve yet.
  2. Click View Seatmap icon Seatmap icon on the far right of the flight information. For round trip flights you'll want to do this for each flight.
  3. A Seatmap window pops up. On the seatmap, select an available seat, then click Select Seat and Close.
  4. With the seats selected, click Reserve. Note, this will not book the trip yet. You will have a chance to confirm the booking at the end of the reservation process. See Completing Your Booking.

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