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Exporting Your Trip to an Expense Report

After you make a reservation through Cliqbook, your trip must be processed by Tower Travel, the University's travel agency. Once all reservations have been confirmed and booked, you can export the trip into an expense report.

  1. After logging into GEMS, click the Travel tab.
  2. Select the Upcoming Trips tab.
  3. Any booked trips will be listed here. Once a booking is complete, an export icon will appear in the Exp. Report? column.
  4. Click the Export Report icon.
  5. If a message about Smart Expenses appears, click OK.

Next, you will see the Expense tab with the trip reservations imported as line items. For an imported trip, you will also need to complete some of the missing header information and import the $5 travel agency fee.

  1. In the expense report, select Details and Report Header.
  2. Enter the Start Date, End Date, and Destination, then click Save.
  3. Click the Import link.
  4. In the Smart Expenses panel on the right, select the travel agency booking fee, named TOWER TRAVEL MGMT, and click Import.
  5. Click OK to confirm.
  6. Complete any missing required information for each line item following the steps for creating an expense report. See Creating and Maintaining an Expense Report.

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