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Using E-Receipts

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About E-Receipts

An e-receipt is an electronic receipt image sent to Concur directly from the vendor. E-Receipts contain the entire record of a supplier transactions. You can access and print e-receipts at any time.

E-Receipts result in fewer paper receipts to attach to an expense report. They are captured directly from a supplier and are not associated with a credit card vendor or feed.

Not all vendors supply e-receipts. Concur works with each vendor to establish an e-receipt relationship. For e-receipt vendors, you will see an e-receipt icon with the travel information when you book a trip. After your trip, e-receipts automatically match thenselves to expense reports that are associated with a trip itinerary.

Using e-receipts requires you to perform a one-time activation.

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Activating E-Receipts

When your administrator enables e-receipts, an Alert panel on the My Concur page will prompt you to sign-up for this feature.

  1. Click the Sign up link.
  2. The Profile tab displays the E-Receipt Activation page. Read the instructions to get more information about e-receipts.
  3. To see a sample of an e-receipt, click one of the sample links.
  4. To activate e-receipts for your profile, click the E-Receipt Activation link.
  5. An Agreement window pops up. Read the agreement carefully.
  6. If the terms are acceptable to you, click the I Accept button.

A message tells you that you have now enabled e-receipts. Once you start booking reservations in Cliqbook, you'll be able to tell which vendors offer e-receipts. You will see the E-Receipt Enabled icon attached to the vendor information.

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