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Making a Rental Car Reservation

Before you book a car rental, make sure you are aware of the University's policies and procedures for renting a car. See Car rental expenses for more information.

When making your airline reservation on the Flight tab, if you specified you need a car, you will see car results for the car search. In this case, locate the desired rental car and click Reserve.

You can also reserve a car separately by selecting the Car tab from the Trip Search panel.

  1. Specify the Pick-up date and Drop-off date and times.
  2. For Pick-up car at, select either Airport Terminal or Off-Airport (which means a location not at an airport).
  3. If you selected Airport Terminal, type in the airport city or code. If you selected Off-Airport, click in the Off Airport Location field, then search for and select the location from the pop-up window.
  4. If you plan to drop the car off at a location other than the pick-up location, click the Return car to another location option, then select the return location.
  5. Click Search.
  6. For Travel Type, select Business Travel and click Next.
  7. Scan through the available reservations to find the one you want.
  8. Click Reserve.

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