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Cancelling or Changing a Reservation

Flight changes are available for e-tickets that include a single carrier.

If the trip is already ticketed but has not occurred, you can change the time of the flight if an even exchange is available or the ticket is refundable. Your change options will be with the same airline and routing.

Contact the appropriate website or vendor directly if you did not book your trip using Cliqbook.

  1. After logging into GEMS, click the Travel tab.
  2. In the Upcoming Trips section, click the name of the trip.
  3. Click Change Trip.
  4. On the itinerary, click the appropriate link to cancel part of the reservation or make any changes.

You can change the following:

To cancel an entire trip:

  1. Click the Trip Library link at the top of the Travel page.
  2. Click Actions to the left for the trip you wish to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Trip and then OK.
  4. If a message about Smart Expenses appears, click OK.

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