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Search for Your Reports (In Any Status)

Your Report List allows you to search for, sort, and view reports in a variety of statuses.

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Search for Reports

  1. Access the Report List by selecting the Expense tab and making sure View Reports is selected.
  2. Click the View button. A drop down menu appears.
  3. If you have a desired status in mind, select it here. If you do not know a status, select All reports.

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Sort Reports

Once you have completed a search for reports, you may sort the results by clicking on the column headings. If you click "Date," for example, your search results will be reorganized in ascending report date order. If you click the column heading again, it will toggle to descending report date order.

If you have many reports, your search results will be paginated. Use the number links at the bottom of the page to scroll through your search results.

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View Reports

To view the contents of a selected report, click on the report name.

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