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Viewing Reports from Your Expense Report List

You can take several actions on a report from the report list depending on the status.

  1. From the Expense tab, select View Reports to access a list of currently active reports.
  2. To view other reports, click the View tab then select a status option listed in the menu. For instance you can choose to view only Pending, Approved, Processed, or Paid reports.
  3. Once the list of selected reports appears, you can act on any single report by clicking on it. This will open the report.
| Check/View Receipts | Print | Delete | Submit | Notify Employee |

Check/View Receipts
If you have faxed in a cover page and receipts, or attached receipts to submit with your report, this link will allow you to view an electronic image of the receipts.

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This link will bring up a report format prompt.

  1. Open one of the listed reports by clicking on it.
  2. Click Print and select Detailed Reports.
  3. If the report contains all the details you are looking for and you need a paper copy, click Print.

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This link is only available if your report is in your possession (i.e., it has not yet been submitted or has been sent back to you for edits).

  1. In the list of Active Reports, select an unsubmitted report by clicking the checkbox next to it.
  2. Click the Delete Report button.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the report.

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This link is only available if your report has not yet been submitted or has been sent back to you.

  1. Select the report from the list of Active Reports.
  2. Click Submit Report.
  3. Read through the disclaimer.
  4. If you agree, click Accept & Submit. Your report will be sent on to the next step in your approval flow.
  5. If you do not agree, click Cancel. You will return to the report.

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Notify Employee

This link is only available if you have entered an expense report on behalf of another employee. When you click this link, an email will be sent to the rightful "owner" of the report. This email will let him or her know that the report requires attention.

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