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Premium Airfare - Flying First or Business Class

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Premium Airfare Expense Types

If you are flying premium (first or business class) you will need to choose from one of 2 expense types.

In both cases, you will need to fill out the standard airfare form. You will also need to indicate that you have pre-approval from a Dean or a Vice President.

If you fly business or first class on a grant or contract, you must also select a reason in the Reason for Premium Airfare field. Acceptable reasons include:

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Premium Airfare Required Paperwork

You must have written pre-approval from a Dean or a Vice President before purchasing a first or business class ticket. This written approval must be faxed in with your receipts.

If you submit a premium airfare report with no written pre-approval, your report will be sent back to you. If you are unable to produce appropriate written approval, you will need to itemize the line item. The cost of the ticket will be split between the University approved coach price and the remainder of the cost. The additional cost will need to be marked as a Non-reimbursable personal expense and it will be charged back to you.

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