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Hotel Expenses: Lodging - Itemization of Charges

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Hotel Expense Requirements

You will need to provide a breakdown of your nightly lodging expenses (room rate, taxes and other recurring charges). You will also need to itemize your hotel invoice.

If your hotel was paid for with the GEMS card, you must itemize ALL line items. If there are any costs that the University will not cover, you must click the non-reimbursable personal expenses checkbox on those line items.

If you paid for your hotel as an out-of-pocket expense, your general hotel expense amount should represent the portion of the bill that the University will cover. When you itemize, you will only need to list the reimbursable items (which should add up to the total you have entered).

Remember that amenities like in-room movies and gym fees will not be covered by the University. If you paid for them with the GEMS card, they must be marked as non-reimbursable (personal) expenses.

All hotel expenses will require receipts. The receipts must show a $0 balance or should be marked as paid. All hotel expenses must be entered with a 3 step itemization process. These steps collect:

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Entering General Information

  1. Import the expense from your GEMS card charges or click New Expense to create an out of pocket expense.

    • If you create a new expense, select Lodging - Itemization of Charges as the expense type.
    • If you imported the card charge, click on the expense in the Expense List on the left to open the details on the right. The Expense Type should be automatically set to Lodging - Itemization of Charges.
  2. Make sure all required fields are completed including vendor, city, and amount in USD. If your hotel stay was purchased on your GEMS card, some of this information may be pre-populated for you.
  3. When you are done entering this information click the Itemize button at the bottom of the page.

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Entering Recurring Expenses

When you select Itemize on a lodging expense, a Nightly Lodging Expenses window will open. Recurring expenses include room rate, tax(es), and any other daily charge such as parking.

  1. In the Nightly Lodging Expenses window, begin by entering your Check in and Check out dates. Then, enter all line items that occurred every night of your stay.
  2. Enter your Room Rate.
  3. Enter your Room Tax (alternatively, you may combine the room and tax rate into one entry if you click the Combine room rate and taxes into a single entry checkbox).
  4. Enter any other recurring taxes in the Other Tax fields.
  5. If you have any other recurring expenses, under Additional Charges (each night), select an Expense Type.
  6. Enter the cost of the additional recurring expense in the Amount for Expense Type field.
  7. Repeat if necessary.

    • If you have a recurring charge that changed mid-stream (for example - one night of your stay was discounted at a weekend rate) you should enter the most commonly used rate. When you come to the itemization page, you can click on the link corresponding with the day that carried the alternative price. This will open a line item detail in which you can alter the daily cost.
  8. When you are done entering recurring costs, click Save Itemizations.

If any charges remain, a New Itemization window will open.

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Itemizing Remaining Line Items

After itemizing the room rate, tax, and any other recurring charges, the remaining amount will dispay in the upper right corner of the New Itemization window. If the remaining amount is not $0, continue to itemize any remaining charges such as in-room movies and internet service. Remember, if you used your GEMS card to pay for lodging, you must itemize all expenses, both reimbursable and non-reimbursable. If you paid for the hotel out of pocket, you should only itemize the reimbursable expenses.

If there are line items on your hotel bill that have not yet been added to your report:

  1. In the New Itemization window, select an Expense Type.
  2. A detailed line item form will appear. Enter all required and relevant details and click Save.
  3. Repeat until Remaining is $0.00. At this point all line items should be listed in your report.

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