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Car Rental Expenses

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Car Rental Detail Requirements

If you rent a car, you will be required to provide a vendor name and a car rental class. Under general circumstances, the University allows you to rent up to a full size vehicle.

If you have upgraded your car for University related purposes (e.g., you needed a larger car to carry extra work equipment) you may do so but you are required to add a comment explaining why the upgrade was necessary.

As a University employee, you are covered under a blanket insurance policy. Therefore:

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Car Rental Itemization Guidelines

If you rent a car and the following circumstances apply, NO itemization is required:

If any of the following are true, itemization is required:

In all of these scenarios, you will be required to itemize the additional costs (over and above University reimbursable allowances) and mark them as a Non-reimbursable (personal) expense(s).

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How to Itemize Additional Cost on Your Car Rental

If you are required to itemize a portion of your car rental:

  1. With your expense report open, select the car rental line item expense, or click New Expense to create a car rental expense. If you create a new expense, select Car Rental as the type.
  2. After filling out all required fields for the expense, click the Itemize button.
  3. In the New Itemization window, select Car Rental for the first item. Fill out the required fields. When you come to the Amount in USD page, fill in the University approved portion of the expense.
  4. When you get to the bottom of the form, click on the Add Another Itemization link.
  5. In the New Itemization window, select the expense type and fill in the required details. When you come to the Amount in USD page, fill in the remaining portion of the expense (also shown in red at the top of the page).
  6. You will need to check the Non-reimbursable (personal) expense box.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The Amount Remaining should be $0.00. Click Done.

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