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Business Meal Expenses

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Business Meals Defined

Business meals are defined as meals taken with students, donors, colleagues, or individuals from companies during which specific University business discussions take place.

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Business Meals Detail Requirements

For every business meal you must enter standard expense information along with the Number of Attendees including yourself. After you save this screen, your number and comments will be posted in the right hand panel of the screen.

You must also define each attendee by his or her:

If there were more than 10 attendees, you may add a group(s) name instead of listing out each individual guest.

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Listing Attendees

To fill out the list of attendees:

  1. With the business expense detail open on the right, click in the Number of attendees and comments if needed field, type in the number of attendees including yourself (e.g., "three including myself").
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the expense detail panel if necessary to view the Attendees box.
  3. Click Search to search through a list of attendees.
  4. In the Search Attendees window, locate any attendee you have stored in the pre-populated list of your personalized attendees (you created this list on the Profile tab, under the Favorite Attendees link). Select the checkbox next to any/all applicable employees.
  5. If you do not see the attendee you are looking for you can use the Search feature at the bottom of the page to search for attendee data. If your search locates the name you were looking for, you may click on the attendee's name, then click the Add to Expense button at the bottom of the panel.
  6. If your search does not prove to be successful, click Cancel.
  7. You can add a new attendee by clicking on the New Attendee link. You will be taken to an Add Attendee page.
  8. You will need to also add yourself as an attendee. (Just start typing your last name and you will appear in the drop down list as THIS EMPLOYEE.)
  9. Enter ALL details about your new attendee. Then click Add another attendee if you have more people to add. Otherwise click OK to return to the Business Meal page. Your new attendees should be listed in the Attendees list. Also the expense will be equally split among attendees.

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