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Navigation Tips

Use the following information to help you effectively and efficiently navigate through the GEMS expense management system.

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Using Panels

Panel example

The GEMS application screen consists of panels or "widgets" that allow you to perform various tasks related to travel and expense. On the My Concur page, these may include the following:

You can view, launch or perform various tasks within each panel. You can also rearrange the panels by dragging the title bar of a panel to a different position.

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Navigating with Tabs


Use the main tabs at the top of the GEMS screen to move to major sections of the program including My Concur (the home page), Travel, Expense, Profile, Help, and Log Out. Approvers and processors will see additional tabs.

Each tab may have additional links directly below the selected tab to help you navigate to different sections of the program. For instance, the Expense tab has links for View Charges, View Reports, New Expense Report, and for approvers, Approve Reports.

In addition, panels within each section may have sub-tabs for further navigation. For instance, the Trip Search panel has sub-tabs for Flight, Car, Hotel, Rail, and Flight Status. Click on these to access information related to the tab.

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Icons and Links

Icons and links

Within the detailed information of each panel or tab, icons and links at the top and bottom of the panel allow you to access further information or execute actions.

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