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My Concur

When you first login to GEMS you will see the My Concur tab. This is your home page for travel reservations and expense reporting. Explanations for each panel on the My Concur tab are below.

| Expense Reports | Trip Search | Trip List | Travel Info |Company Info | Available GEMS Card Charges | Approval Queue | Weather Widget |

Expense Reports

Use this area to create new reports and to access existing reports. To create a new report from here, click the New Expense Report link. If you have been working on a report but have not yet submitted it, you can find it by clicking the View Reports link.

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Trip Search

Use this panel to search for airline, hotel, rental car, and rail reservations. The panel acts as a wizard that leads you through the reservation and booking process. When you are finished, you will have created a trip itinerary which you can then convert into an expense report.

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Trip List

This panel will list any trips you have booked. Click on the trip link to see the trip detail. You can start at this panel to export a booked trip into an expense report.

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Travel Info

This panel displays a link to the University travel providers and information on preferred providers.

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Company Info

This area contains a list of useful links. You may need to visit this area if you are:

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Available Company Card Charges

This panel lists any charges your have made on your GEMS card. Hover the mouse pointer over the credit card icon to see details on the charge.

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Approval Queue

If you are an expense report approver, this panel will list any reports awaiting your approval. Click on a report link to open the report for reviewing, approving, or sending back to the employee.

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This widget will show weather information for the currently default departure airport city. If you are booking a trip, the weather information will display for the destination city you choose.

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