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Guide to Concur Icons

There are a number of icons and symbols that you will encounter while you are working in the GEMS travel and expense system. Use the key below to help you interpret the interface and help you use GEMS more efficiently.

Tool Tip Tool Tips: Hover the mouse pointer over a tool tip icon to view the associated field-related help.

Airfare Airfare: Click to view airfare booking information.

Car rental Car Rental: Click to view rental car booking information.

Lodging Lodging: Click to view hotel or lodging booking information.

Rail Rail: Click to view rail booking information.

Credit card Credit Card: Indicates that an expense entry was from a credit card transaction. Hover the mouse over it to see details.

E-Receipt Icon E-Receipt: Indicates the expense includes an e-receipt. Hover the mouse over it to see details.

Itemized Expense Itemized Expense: Click to see a detailed breakdown of an expense line item.

Show itemization Hide itemization Show/Hide Itemization: Click this icon to show or hide itemization information on an expense.

Expense Report from Trip Expense Report from Trip: Click this icon to create an expense report from a completed trip.

Attendees Attendees: Click to access the Attendees field on a Business Meal line item entry.

Comments Comments: Click to navigate to the Comments field on the Edit Expense page. When clicked for report-level comments, the Comments field on Edit Report Header page is displayed.

Personal Expenses Personal Expense: Indicates a personal (non-reimbursable) expense. This expense will either be deducted from your out-of-pocket reimbursement, or, if it is greater than your out-of-pocket reimbursement, it will be deducted from your payroll check.

Allocated Expense Allocated Expense: Indicates a portion or all of this line item has been charged to an alternative account number or sub-account override. Click the icon to review the allocated codes and percentages.

Exception Exception Alert: An expense report cannot be submitted until the exception is corrected.

GEMS Card Icon  University Transactions: Indicates a transaction was incurred using a GEMS credit card. Click this icon on the Expense List page, Edit/View Expense page, or Company Card Transactions page to view the details of the GEMS card transaction.