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View Report Totals

Your report totals summarize your out-of-pocket, GEMS card, and non-reimbursable deductions from your expense report.

| Navigate to Your Report Totals | Report Totals Definitions |

Navigate to Your Report Totals

  1. With the expense report open, click the Details button and select Totals.
  2. A Report Totals window will open. This screen is read only and contains the information that follows in the Report Totals Definitions section below.

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Report Totals Definitions

Report Total:
Sum of all line items in the report.

Less Personal Amount:
The sum of all GEMS card expenses that have been marked as personal expenses.

Amount Claimed:
Sum of all line items in the report.

Amount Rejected:
The University of Chicago configuration does not allow for partial rejection. Therefore this will always be 0.

Amount Due Employee:
This will reflect the total of all out of pocket expenses minus any personal expenses.

Amount Due Credit Card Company:
This will contain the sum of all credit card expenses that were added to the report.

Total Paid By Company:
Sum of the Amount Due Employee and Amount Due Credit Card Company.

Amount Owed Company:
If an employee’s personal expenses are greater than his or her reimbursement, this amount will be subtracted from the employee’s payroll check. Note that only 15% of the employee’s gross pay will ever be taken at one time. For more information contact the Payroll Department.

Total Owed By Employee:
Total deducted from the employee’s payroll check.

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