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View the Audit Trail

| Navigate to Your Audit Trail | Audit Trail Entries |

Navigate to Your Audit Trail

  1. With the expense report open, click the Details button and select Audit Trail..
  2. An Audit Trail window opens. This screen is read-only.

You will see line item entries describing all actions that have been taken on the report. These entries are described below.

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Audit Trail Entries

An audit line item will be recorded when the following events occur:

Report Submission
Whenever a report is submitted, a row is generated.

Approval or Payment Status Change
Whenever the system or any user changes the approval or payment status of a report, a row is generated.

Comment Editing Status Change
Whenever a comment is no longer editable on the report, a row is generated.

Exception Generation
Whenever a report is submitted that contains exceptions, a single row is added to the audit trail with each report level exception that exists, including flag, code, and level.

Report Level Field Edits after Submit
Whenever a field on a report is changed after it has been submitted, a row is generated.

Clearing Exceptions
Whenever exceptions are cleared, a row is generated.

Receipts Received
Whenever receipts are marked as received, a row is generated.

Deletion while in Resubmit
If an entry is deleted while a report is in Resubmit status, a row is generated.

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