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Elements of Your Report Header

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Every expense report will have a Report Header that acts as a cover page for all the contents in the expense report.

Fields on All Reports

On all reports (both travel and non-travel), you will be required to provide the following information:

Report Title
Use the report header to name your expense report.

Check with your divisional or departmental administration to find out if there are any naming standards. If not, use something that describes the general purpose of the report and allows you to easily sort and identify it.

Some suggestions for naming standards

Your report's policy specifies UofC Travel or UofC Non-Travel. Travel is defined as any University business that requires you to leave a 50 mile radius of the University campus.

Note: If you have incurred both travel and non-travel related expenses you will need to do 2 seperate reports.

Report Date
This field should contain the date you are entering the expense report.

Business Purpose and Comments
Use The Business Purpose field to provide a detailed description (for your approver and Financial Services) on why the expense was necessary.

Use the optional Comments field to provide additional information or notes that may help explain this report.

Department, Sub-Department (if applicable), UC Account Number and Sub-Account Override
Your Department, Sub-Department (if applicable), UC Account Number and Sub-Account Override (if applicable) will pre-populate and will be used for billing purposes across all line items in your report.

Displays your phone number or extension. If your number doesn't appear automatically, click on the Profile tab and select the Contact Information link. Enter your work phone number and click Save. The number you enter will pre-populate future report header fields.

Select Next to begin adding line items to your report. Select Cancel if you do not want to use this Report Header in the future.

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Additional Travel Report Fields

On travel reports, you will also be required to provide the following information:

Indicate if your travel was domestic or international. If your expense report contained both, select International.

Trip Start/End Date
Use the popup calendars to select the dates your travel began and ended.

Use this free form field to enter the city or cities to which you have traveled.

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