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Complete Your Expense Report

Attach Receipts in the Form of a PDF, JPG or a TIFF File

If you have NO required receipts or all required receipts are attached as E-Receipts, you can skip this step and submit your report immediately. If you have required receipts that are not e-receipts, you must print, fax / attach and view your receipt image before you will be permitted to submit the report.

With the expense report open, click Receipts and select Attach Receipt Images.

  1. In Step 1, click the Browse button. Locate the image file that contains your receipt(s).
  2. Repeat Step 1 until you've selected all files that contain receipt images (the system allows up to 10).
  3. Click the Attach button.
  4. When the attachment process is complete, click Done.
  5. Click Receipts again and select either View Receipts... or Check Receipts.
  6. Scroll through all pages to ensure your attachment is legible.
  7. Close the receipt images display window.

Learn more about viewing/printing/faxing in your receipts.

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