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Allocation - Changing Accounting Information in Your Expense Report

Assign a Portion or All of an Expense to One or Many Account Numbers

  1. Open the Allocation window for the expense
  2. Scroll to the right, if necessary, and click in the UC Account field where your default account number is listed. A list of all account numbers appears.
  3. If you would like to change the account number and/or assign a portion of the expense(s) to another account number, select a different account number from the list. You can search for an account number by text description or code:
    • Select either the Text or Code option.
    • Type in the first few letters or the first few numbers of the account you want.
    • Select the account from the list.
  4. If you want to allocate to multiple accounts, click the Add New Allocation link.
  5. Add the new account number(s) (with or without a UC Sub-Account Override) to cover a portion of the expense.
  6. Continue adding numbers until you have accounted for all accounts that will share this expense.
  7. Ensure that the breakdown for each account is appropriate. Click Allocate By and choose either Percent or Amount.
    • If you select Percent, make sure the distribution between the accounts adds up to 100%.
    • If you select Amount, make sure the distribution between the accounts equals the amount of the expense.
  8. When you are finished allocating, click Save and Done.
  9. A pie chart icon will appear on the Expense List page next to this transaction indicating it contains allocated values.

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