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Approving a Report and Sending It On in the Workflow

If all items in an expense report are appropriate and comply with University policy, you may approve the report and send it on in the workflow. The report will either go to an additional approver or to the back office for processing.

  1. From the My Concur page, locate the Approval Queue and click on the report you wish to review and approve.
  2. Review the report and make sure it complies with University policies. (See the Approver Checklist for assistance.)
  3. If the report meets all requirements and your approval, click on the Approve button.
  4. You will be taken to the Reports Pending your Approval page. If you want to view the status of the report you just approved, click the View link and select Reports you approved this month.
  5. The report will appear in your search results. In the status column, you can see where the report is in the workflow.