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Adding an Additional Approver

If you want to forward a report to an additional approver before it goes to the back office for processing, you may add extra steps in the workflow.

Adding an additional approver is especially important when you have a report that has allocated one or more expenses to an account number and you are not an authorized signer on that account.

  1. From the My Concur page, click the Expense tab and select the Approve Reports link directly beneath the tab.
  2. The Reports Pending your Approval list appears. Open the report you wish to add the approver to by clicking on the report title.
  3. With the expense report open, click the Details link and select Approval Flow.
  4. An Approval Flow window pops up. Where your name appears in the flow, click the button to "add a step after this step."
    Hint: if you hold your mouse pointer over a button, a tool tip will tell you what the button is for.
  5. Use the search option to search for an employee you want to add in the approval flow. You can enter the first few letters of an employee's last name or you can use the Search field drop down to opt for different types of search criteria.
  6. When the name you are looking for comes up in the search list, select that person's name. It will populate the User-Added Approver field.
  7. To add more than one additional approver, repeat steps 4-6.
  8. Click Save Worflow to continue reviewing the report.