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Getting Started

User Types

Logging In/Out of the Expense Management System

Navigation Tips

Guide to Concur Icons

Useful External Links

My Concur - Your Travel & Expense Reporting Home Page

Making Cliqbook Travel Reservations

Making a Flight Reservation

Making a Rental Car Reservation

Making a Hotel Reservation

Completing Your Booking

Cancelling or Changing Reservations

Exporting Your Trip to an Expense Report

Using E-Receipts

Creating and Maintaining an Expense Report

Expense Report Entry Flowchart

Elements of Your Report Header

Add/Remove Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Add/Remove a GEMS Card Expense

Edit a Line Item in your Expense Report

Delete a Lline Iitem from Your Expense Report

Itemize a Line Item in Your Expense Report

Allocation - Changing Accounting Information in Your Expense Report

View Your Report Header

View Your Report Totals (Out-Of-Pocket Expenses vs. GEMS Card Expenses vs. Deductions)

View Your Approval Flow to Find Out Who Will Be Approving Your Report

View the Audit Trail to See All of the Actions That Have Been Taken on Your Report

Complete Your Expense Report

Print Other Reports

Special Transactions Requiring Extra Detail

Airfare Expenses

Business Meal Expenses

Car Rental Expenses

Gift Over $500

Hotel Expenses

Mileage Expenses

Per Diem Expenses

Search for a Report

Locate Your Submitted Reports

Find a Report That You Have Started but Have Not Completed

Search for Your Reports (In Any Status)

Take Action on a Report from Your Report List

Use Icons to Find Information in a Report

Search for Reports to Approve (Approvers Only)

Search for Reports You Have Already Approved (Approvers Only)


Delegates Defined

Assign a Delegate to Enter Reports on Your Behalf

Assign a Delegate to Approve Reports on Your Behalf

Remove a Delegate

Act as a Delegate

A Delegate's Privileges (Can Prepare, Can View, and Can Approve)

Reporting with a Delegate - How Do Email Notifications Work?

Policies Impacting Expense Reporting

Time Limits on Expense Reporting

Premium Airfare - Flying First or Business Class

Gifts Over $500

Fly America Act

Handling Your Receipts

Approver Accountability

Account Preferences

View Your Prepopulated User Profile

Save Your Phone Number to Your Profile

Change Your Password

Expense Reporting Preferences

Assign a Delegate to Enter Reports on Your Behalf

Assign a Delegate to Approve Reports on Your Behalf

Remove a Delegate

Maintain Your Business Meal Attendee Selection List

Approving Reports

Search for Reports to Approve

Search for Reports You Have Already Approved

Review a Report That Contains Allocated Transactions

Assign a Portion or All of an Expense to One or Many Account Numbers

Change the Last 2 Digits of a Sub-Account Number

Add an Additional Approver(s)

Reject and Return an Expense Report

Approve a Report and Send It On in the Workflow

Your Accountability as an Approver

Assign a Delegate to Approve Reports on Your Behalf