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GEMS Expenses in Business Objects?

Comprehensive GEMS reporting has arrived. Procurement Services and Business Information Services are pleased to announce that 14 reporting packages with 62 different reports on GEMS data are now available through Business Objects.

This new reporting capability will allow users to perform end-to-end reporting - from credit card swipe to final FAS reconciliation through newly unbundled transactions in subaccount 9913.  We are also excited to offer broad analytic functionality including GEMS expense summaries, aging reports, turnaround reports, historical, and point in time reporting on your GEMS data, including the following updates: 

  • GEMS transactions are no longer summed into a single line item on ledgers. Each individual transaction is now displayed for easy tracking and reconciliation.
  • Starting with the July ledgers, the new Trans Ref ID number began appearing on the ledgers. The Trans Ref ID number makes it possible to do the end-to-end reporting. The format of the FAS ledgers was slightly modified so the number is visible. Read more regarding the modification of the FAS ledgers.
  • This newly expanded reporting capacity eliminates the current reporting system limitations and provides ad-hoc reporting that integrates FAS and GEMS data.

For more information, please visit https://itservices.uchicago.edu/services/gems-reporting-system

Click the link below to view a 5 minute Video on the New GEMS Reports

Introduction to GEMS Reporting

  • What does the GEMS data warehouse contain?
  • How is it secured?
  • When is it updated?
  • What reports are recommended?
  • What reports are available?