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What is the GEMS Program?

The GEMS program is the University’s expense management solution that streamlines the method in which employees are reimbursed for their business expenses. It is comprised of a web-based application (GEMS system) that works in conjunction with the University’s corporate credit card, the GEMS card. The card provides authorized faculty and staff with a convenient method of procuring and paying for small dollar purchases and travel expenditures and the system allows for the electronic reconciliation of these charges. Users may also utilize the GEMS system to claim out-of-pocket reimbursement for business-related expenses. 

What's New!

GEMS is getting a makeover and we are counting down the days until it's launched …. February 2015

Introducing "work-to-zero". Know at-a-glance what needs to be done.

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No matter their role, employees will know exactly which tasks they have pending when they log in. This will save time, streamline common tasks, and simplify the experience for everyone. Concur has minimized the screens needed to accomplish tasks and to inform employees when they are done. Whether it’s managing their own expenses, approving other’s reports or accessing upcoming trips—with one click users can quickly do what they need to do.

The newly designed Concur Expense page streamlines expense reports by making them more intuitive.


  • Key actions and notifications are clear and easy to find.
  • Everything users need to manage their expenses is located on a single screen.
  • Concur improved “smart matching” and handling of available expenses for faster report creation.
  • Receipts and related details are located on the page to enable more efficient matching to reports.
  • Users can easily toggle between tabs to see different views of key information.

Enhanced, consolidated Trip Summary makes booking trips easy and intuitive.


  • The workflow has been consolidated to streamline the overall booking process.
  • The enhanced Trip Summary clearly shows users where they are in the process.
  • Receipts and related details are located on the page to enable more efficient matching to reports.
  • Detailed steps are displayed in a logical order to help simplify the booking process.

Approvals are now faster, easier and all in one location.


  • Key actions and notifications are clear and easy to find.
  • Common functions and tasks are grouped together to streamline the approval process.
  • All key activities are located on a single screen


GEMS Expenses in Business Objects

Comprehensive GEMS reporting has arrived. Procurement Services and Business Information Services are pleased to announce that 14 reporting packages with 62 different reports on GEMS data are now available through Business Objects.

This new reporting capability will allow users to perform end-to-end reporting - from credit card swipe to final FAS reconciliation through newly unbundled transactions in subaccount 9913.  We are also excited to offer broad analytic functionality including GEMS expense summaries, aging reports, turnaround reports, historical, and point in time reporting on your GEMS data, including the following updates: 

  • GEMS transactions are no longer summed into a single line item on ledgers. Each individual transaction is now displayed for easy tracking and reconciliation.
  • Starting with the July ledgers, the new Trans Ref ID number began appearing on the ledgers. The Trans Ref ID number makes it possible to do the end-to-end reporting. The format of the FAS ledgers was slightly modified so the number is visible. Read more regarding the modification of the FAS ledgers.
  • This newly expanded reporting capacity eliminates the current reporting system limitations and provides ad-hoc reporting that integrates FAS and GEMS data.

For more information, please visit https://itservices.uchicago.edu/services/gems-reporting-system

Click the link below to view a 5 minute Video on the New GEMS Reports

Introduction to GEMS Reporting

  • What does the GEMS data warehouse contain?
  • How is it secured?
  • When is it updated?
  • What reports are recommended?
  • What reports are available?